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Harmonizing Aromatherapy Massage

Verdun, South West Montreal

This combination of aromatherapy, soothing, & pain-relieving natural products and massage stimulates your whole being to return to its natural state of harmony and relaxation.

Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage


Pain Management

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Let’s be honest here, some people who suffer from chronic pain, whether it be from frozen shoulders, those who have been injured and are in the slow train of recovery, and even people who have very specific problematic areas in the body. Therapeutic massage offers a strong and focused type of bodywork that can help drop down your pain big time. Make sure to effectively communicate with your therapist to help target those problematic areas to assure receiving the right therapy for your own beautiful body.


Improve Posture

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Certain postural imbalances are linked to structural problems of your body, one good example is scoliosis, and some others more linked to overworked muscles and overcompensation and even the cause may be linked to trigger points which is a type of acute pain that travels away from its point of origin. Treating these problems strategically is one other amazing characteristic of therapeutic massage.

Relieve Headaches & Migraines

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Many headaches or migraines are a result of stress and/or poor circulation, sometimes even related to neck muscles that feel like they have never been relaxed and are in urgent need of treatment in a focused manner. Therapeutic massage comes in handy with this type of issue as it centers its attention on the problem.

Treats Muscle Stiffness

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Daily lives happen to be filled with often blissful and very stressful events with a combination of bad postures and bodies kept in low maintenance, all of this resulting in rock hard necks and back, muscle rigidity also known as “Tension”. Not only have we heard of stiff necks or stiff backs, we probably have experienced one of those at some point in our lives. Therapeutic massage can be more efficient in solving these issues by targeting the problem, when dealing with muscular tensions that go beyond our stress levels and poor postures, this may just be the right therapy for you.

Promotes Muscle Recovery

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As it is known that muscles that have been injured need to be treated in order to heal. Therapeutic massage offers a very complete treatment that can support and sometimes accelerate your process of healing, while it treats the muscle condition, it helps it to regain its natural full motion while taking care of your joints by promoting their lubrication.

Support Healthy Immunity

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When it comes to overall health, it is important to take a holistic approach. Increased physical pain can also increase mental stress and an increase in stress from environmental factors can manifest in the muscles. In addition, any stress can lead to an immune deficiency. Because Swedish Massage encourages relaxation and a decrease in body tension, it supports a healthy immune system.

About Harmonizing Massage

This combination of aromatherapy, soothing, and pain-relieving natural products in addition to massage therapy stimulates your whole being to return to its natural state of harmony and relaxation.

This personalized therapy is inspired by each individual, using their own tensions, tapping into their own blockages through their bodies, it focuses on calming down the body & mind by relaxing the parasympathetic nervous system.

What to Expect from a Treatment

All massages are done with a blanket covering the whole body from neck to toes. Massages are best performed naked or in bottom underwear, you will have full intimacy to change a place yourself under the blankets and to dress up at the end. My priority is your comfort, so, please let me know if you ever feel cold or too warm, if the pressure is too light or too strong, and please communicate with me in detail at any time before, during or after your session if anything arises.

Make sure to share all specific spots of tension, after all, I need all the information I can gather to adapt to your own needs. Remember that deep breaths greatly ease the discomforts that may arise during a massage.

Most massages are performed with an hypoallergenic gel, Artisanal body butter or a mix of both. For therapeutic massage, I may use arnica and some other products that work on reducing inflammation, creating heat and easing pain.

For harmony massage, the use of aromatherapy is added to the list of products. Deep tissue massage is performed without any oil or products.

"Ariane’s massages are amazing!"

"Ariane puts her full heart and soul in everything she does, including her wonderful bodywork!"

"A wonderful personalized service."


The association of professional hands, relaxing music, and amazing natural exotic oils, all in an intimate space, made my experience incredible! +1 also for the warming table that is super enjoyable in the cold season! Ariane took care of the tensions I had in my back after years working behind a computer and now my body feels so much better. I should have done that earlier! To take care of your body, you can trust her skills!

Roxanne Lj

I've been living in Montreal for eight years and Arianne is now my go to person for therapeutic massage. She has a great deal of knowledge and really understands massage. I will be a long time customer as a result.


Ariane’s massges are amazing! She really listens to what you want. In my case, I have a lot of pain/knots in the upper and lower back so I like a deeper massage and she does it great! Her setup is very calming and welcoming.

Thanks for the great massages Ariane 🙂


Ariane’s massages are amazing! She really listens to what you want. In my case, I have a lot of pain/knots in the upper and lower back so I like a deeper massage and she does it great! Her setup is very calming and welcoming.

Thanks for the great massages Ariane 🙂


I had the pleasure of having quite a few massages from Ariane, and it's always been an experience of wellness and extreme relaxation. Ariane is very professional, and especially attentive to your need and comfort. I would definitely recommend her services!!


She really knows where the body holds tension and how to let go of it on an emotional level through breathing. Her touch is really relaxing and when she removes the tension it does not hurt. I highly recommend her as your massage therapist; she’s intuitive in her approach to massage.

Melisa Roy

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