Covid Safety




Due to the ongoing pandemic we all had to adapt to a new way of working and this hasn’t been easy for anyone. As it’s of all our interest to cooperate and stop the spread of COVID-19. I have taken a course provided by “Soins personnels du Québec” on “Hygiene & Health in Massage Therapy Clinic”. This course was extensive about procedures and hygiene protocols to minimize the risks of contracting the virus during the treatments. I also follow the rules and recommendations by the government and my association.

On your first visit you’ll fill up a covid-19 form. I expect you to inform me of any changes since that day on if continued sessions, to assure both of us to stay in good health. As my current policy on cancellations, you are now allowed to cancel or postpone your appointment at any time (ideally 24h in advance), if in contact to someone who has it or symptoms related to COVID-19 arise prior to your appointment. It’s recommended to stay home if you are feeling unwell, as it is contraindicated to massage therapy if you present a fever. Be aware that you’ll be sent home if you show up with symptoms and be charged for the full session for disrespecting the rules and regulations.

I trust my clients’ judgement on their level of comfort, therefore I do provide procedure masks if that would help you to feel more secure throughout your session (Masks are no longer mandatory). The point is for you to feel completely comfortable and relaxed throughout your session.

As regarding the Curfew, I do provide a document if your appointment ends or goes past 8pm. As it is considered an essential service, massage therapy is allowed past that time and you won’t be penalized if stopped on your way home from your treatment. Read more about in on this link: